"Wolverine And The X-Men" Update, Weisman On “The Spectacular Spider-Man”

April 15, 2010 by James Harvey

Marvel Animation Age as an update on Wolverine and The X-Men's second season, and The Spectacular Spider-Man Supervising Producer Greg Weisman comments on the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

Marvel Animation Age recently caught up with The Spectacular Spider-Man Supervising Producer Greg Weisman for his comments on the announcement of the new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series from Marvel Animation slated to debut Fall 2011 on Disney XD. The announcement of the new Ultimate Spider-Man series caught many by surprise. Weisman provided the following statement, as seen below.

"I've heard nothing directly from Marvel, but I think the Ultimate Spider-Man announcement makes it fairly clear that The Spectacular Spider-Man is over."

Upon approaching Marvel Animation President Eric Rollman for another statement on The Spectacular Spider-Man, Rollman would only state that The Spectacular Spider-Man is a “Sony production” and it would be up to Sony Pictures Television to pursue the series in the future. Marvel Animation Age approached a representative for Sony Pictures Television who stated there are currently no plans or updates for The Spectacular Spider-Man at this time and production has ceased for the foreseeable future.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to release the DVD title The Spectacular Spider-Man – The Complete Second Season, collecting the final thirteen episodes of the acclaimed animated series, later this year.

In further recent Marvel Animation news, a second season of the acclaimed Wolverine and The X-Men animated series will not be happening for reasons that have not yet been publically/publicly disclosed. Marvel Animation Age confirms the recent report that Wolverine and The X-Men will not returning for a second season, although Marvel Animation has not yet made any official announcements on the series coming to a close.

Marvel Animation is still moving ahead with an assortment of animated projects, both announced and unannounced. Stay tuned for a host of Marvel Animation updates here soon at Marvel Animation Age.

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