Bios - Thor
Voiced by: Dave Boat
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: After helping the Avengers battle the Chitari and a rampaging Hulk, Thor is left to decide if he should continue to assist his new found teammates. Thor is troubled by an apocalyptic vision he has where he witnesses his fellow Avengers are left dead and defeated, so he decides to consult with his father Odin and the Gods for guidance. Odin shows Thor the coming Chitari invasion against the Earth and insists that Thor not intervene, but rather to leave the outcome to fate. With this knowledge Thor defies his father's wishes and leaves to assist the Avengers in their coming battle.

Thor arrives at S.H.I.E.L.D. to warn them of the coming Chitari entity that is approaching Earth in space. Witnessing the entity unleash a beam of energy upon the Avenger's airship flying above Wakanda, Thor has his apocalyptic vision again and quickly rescues his teammates from their exploding airship, transporting them back to safety at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thor assists the Avengers in defending Wakanda from the Chitari attack. In the process Thor helps Iron Man and Giant Man to infilitrate the large Chitari entity to destroy it, and later saves Iron Man's life by reviving him from heart failure with the help of his hammer Mjolnir.

Thor is left unsure of his actions at a gathering after their defeat of the Chitari. Sgt. Fury offers Thor a pint of ale to purk up his spirits, and Thor accepts the offer. Once again he is jovial and ready to regail his comrad of his past adventures, putting aside for a while his betrayal to the Gods

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