Bios - Dr. Oiler
Voiced by: Mark Hamill
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise Of The Panther
The vindictive Dr. Oiler, who Banner had worked with in the past, is now working as interrogator to Banner about the Hulk's rampage against the Chitari and Avengers. Oiler is quick to demean and villify Banner not before sedating him to relax for another session in a continuing cycle of interrogation.

Even as Banner makes discoveries about the Chitari's weakness to the Hulk's Gamma radiation, Oiler discredits him as being uncooperative. Yet again he sedates Banner unconscious, this time with an increasingly more dangerous dosage of sedative gas to prevent Banner from transforming.

During a Chitari attack on Banner's cell, Oiler willfully subjects Banner to a lethal dose of gas in the hopes that the Chitari would spare his life. As he tries to escape Oiler is vaporized from a Chitari energy blast, leaving only a pile of ash and a pair of glasses as what's left of him.

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