Bios - Iron Man/Tony Stark
Voiced by: Marc Worden
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: Still the high flying, fun loving chairman of Stark Industries, Iron Man was quick to jump into an Avengers reunion when he was called to help deal with the return of The Chitauri.

After arriving in Wikanda, he talked to Captain America about whether or not Cap thought he would survive facing off with the nuclear warhead which he stopped in the final moments of D Day in World War II, in which Iron Man just admitted that he was in it for the glory – he didn’t think he’d ever be able to go into a battle he didn’t think he would win.

With his armour well and truly ruined after a battle in Wikanda and a close call with the Chitauri, Iron Man decided it was time for an upgrade and choose a new War Machine armour due it having some really “nice guns”.

After defeating travelling into the heart of The Chitauri and blowing it up with a gamma back, the main Chitauri Mothership was coming crashing to Earth and Iron Man bravely attempted to divert it’s course in order to save the city, despite the fact he knew he wouldn’t survive.

After using all his remaining power to stop the meteorite, Iron Man’s pacemaker gave out, killing him. Fortunately, Thor used his powers to call forth lightning in order to recharge Iron Man’s armour and restart his artificial heart.

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