Bios - Captain America / Steve Rogers
Voiced by: Justin Gross
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: After being awoken from his frozen state and having previously defeated the Chitauri with the help of The Avengers and The Hulk, Captain continued to work for SHIELD but was still haunted by the memory of Herr Kleiser, the leader of The Chitauri and his old enemy from World War II.

Feeling out of place in the modern day, Captain America refused to rest and recklessly begin to combat crime with little regard for his own safety or the feelings of those around him.

When he was attacked by The Black Panther, who sought his advice on how to kill the returning Kleiser, Cap became determined to kill Kleiser once and for all, and after The Panther returned to Wikanda, he urged Nick Fury to let him go after the Chitauri alone but Fury felt Capís rage was getting the better of him and put The Black Widow in charge of the group.

When The Avengers were discovered invading Wikanda, The Black Panther and Captain America talked through their differences before asking that he and The Avengers leave, and if they returned, they would be killed. After discovering one of the Chitauri in Wikanda on their voyage home, Cap went after it, only to discover The Black Panther was on the scene but couldnít get any answers from it. Panther and Cap attempted to take the alien back to SHIELD before the Captain he was tricked and The Panther was actually Kleiser using his shape changing abilities. The Avengers were nearly killed by a Chitauri ship but Thor managed to teleport the group out of the Helicarrier seconds before it blew up.

When the Earth became covered in a green orb, The Avengers sprung back into action and once again travelled to Wikanda and battled Kleiser and The Chitauri and Captain America and The Black Panther finally beat Kleiser by trapping him in a vat of Vibranium.

After finally being able to let go of the past, he and Black Widow shared a romantic moment at Giant Manís wake.

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