Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Blu-ray Home Video Release
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Marvel Animation
Release Date: April 10th, 2007

Blu-ray Special Features:
"Avengers Assemble" featurette
"The Ultimates" featurette
The Ultimate Voice Talent Search
The Ultimate Gag Reel
First Look at Doctor Strange
The Invincible Iron Man Trailer
Advanced Trivia Track

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Blu-ray Review
By James Harvey

Lionsgate collects both Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther is one solid Blu-ray collection fittingly titled...The Ultimate Avengers Collection.

The packaging for this Blu-ray is the standard blue-tinted clamshell with artwork viewable from the inside of the case. Lionsgate has given Ultimate Avengers Collection a sturdy case and some additional reflective foil on the cover art to add an extra a little extra shine to the rather standard packaging.

As we dig into the release itself, it is a bit of a mixed bag. First up, we'll tackle the audio and video transfer for the release. As one can expect, the video transfer is solid, but shakey. Now, the DVD transfer for Lionsgate's early Marvel Animated Features were a little underwhelming, with some compression issues. Here, for the most part, both movies look good. However, even though these are high-definition releases, the video still does suffer from a few faults in the transfer. Again, it's nothing too distracting, and may not even be noticeable to some viewers, but the transfer does have a few aliasing problems and, occasionally, the coloring looks a bit off. Still, it's a vibrant and bright transfer that does look great, despite the odd problem. As one can expect, the audio is just great, full and bombastic from start to finish. The "World War II" sequence, in particular sounds amazing.

As for the extras, Lionsgate has ported over the extras from both the standard DVD release of Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther. They're repackaged differently than their DVD presentations, naturally, as they're all collected together. First are the two main documentaries from the standard DVDs, "Avengers Assemble" and "The Ultimates," which takes a look at the franchise, the characters, the comic books, and the creative teams behind them. Definitely interesting stuff and, when viewed together, they present a complete picture of the history of these amazing characters.

The rest of the material, as we know from the standard DVDs, is mostly small potatoes. We have a slightly amusing gag reel, a look the audition videos for the voice-over contest Marvel held for the first Ultimate Avengers feature, a pop-up trivia track, a trailer for The Invincible Iron Man and a preview look at Doctor Strange. All in all, a pretty standard collection of extras, but they do compliment the main feature nicely.

Ultimate Avengers Collection is a well put together Blu-ray that comes Highly Recommended, especially considering this was released during the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD where piles of Blu-rays were just chucked onto the market without any afterthought. It has a solid, if slightly imperfect, high-definition transfer of both films, and a heaping collection of bonus features ported over from the standard DVD releases of Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther. If you're currently in the process of upgrading your library, or looking to add a few Marvel-themed releases to it, you can't go wrong with this release. It has two fun movies, a nice collection of extras, and it both looks and sounds great on Blu-ray. These movies have never looked better! Granted, the second feature in this collection is weaker than the first, but, overall, it's still a solid release. With the release of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow and The Invincible Iron Man on Blu-ray earlier this week, adding Ultimate Avengers Collection is a no-brainer.