Bios - Wasp / Janet Pym
Voiced by: Grey Delisle
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: Husband of Giant Man and friend of Nick Fury and Betty Ross, The Wasp was invited to join The Avengers and agreed on one condition Ė that her husband also be allowed to join the group.

Wasp constantly found herself struggling between her loyalty to her husband and her ties to the team. When she injured in the teamís first fight against the aliens, both Giant Man and Iron Man left their bases in an attempt to rescue her, ruining the teams plan and resulting in the teamís loss against the Chitauri.

She left the group by orders of her husband, but returned when they were struggling to defeat the aliens. She shrank down and attacked the Hulk from inside his head before she fell to the green goliath.

Both herself and her husband stayed on the team after their victory.

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