Bios - Iron Man / Tony Stark
Voiced by: Marc Worden
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: Owner and operator of Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark made his millions selling weapons and parts to various Military contracts. He later developed the Iron Man armour and did his part to help others where he could, but he maintained a secret identity, not wanting the world to know that Tony Stark and Iron Man are one and the same.

Both Tony Stark and Iron Man were originally hesitant to join The Avengers after they were asked by Nick Fury, even after taking a small beating from Giant Man, Iron Man still claimed he wasnít interested and that he worked solo. His attraction to Black Widow may have been the deciding factor when he arrived to the teamís first briefing and offered to help defeat Chitauri.

With their first fight against the aliens an utter failure, Iron Man decided that teamwork wasnít for him and left the group. During the battle, his armour became heavily damaged and he became trapped in his armour, forcing Captain America to rip the helmet off, revealing his identity beneath.

When the aliens attacked SHIELDs base in hopes of using their records in their plans for world domination, Iron Man returned to help the team out, helping defeat both Chitauri and The Hulk when he turned against them. After their victory, he joined the team full time.

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