Bios - Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Voiced by:
Michael Massee as Bruce Banner
Fred Tatasciore as Hulk
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: Desperate to recreate the super solider formula for Nick Fury and SHIELD, Bannerís attempts unfortunately created a gamma explosion in his lab, bombarding his body with gamma rays and forcing him to become a mindless brute of unlimited strength whenever he became stressed or angry.

He was taking medication to stop him transforming, but he believed they were slowing him down and preventing him from finding the formula. He thought he had lucked out when he Captain America was found, preserved in ice. Using his blood samples he concocted a new formula which he believed would give him complete control over The Hulk, eliminating Nick Furyís needs for a group of Super Soldiers.

He took the formula and it was a success, of sorts. He helped The Avengers defeat The Chitauri but then attacked Captain America and claimed that the victory over the aliens was his. Itís unknown if Banner was in control of the beast at the time, but after an epic battle with The Avengers, The Hulk was injected with a stronger version of the medicine Banner was taking to stop him transforming. Betty Ross then interfered, hoping to calm The Hulk down so that his adrenaline system would not burn out the drug. Her plan worked and The Hulk transformed back into Banner. He remained in isolation until a plan could be devised to get rid of The Hulk.

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