Bios - Nick Fury
Voiced by: Andre Ware
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: The head of SHIELD, when Nick Fury discovered that the planet was in danger due to an ancient alien race who were in league with The Nazis’, The Chitauri, he hired Bruce Banner to create a new super solider program. When the results weren’t coming in quick enough, he searched the oceans to find the original Super Soldier – Captain America.

He spanned the globe for those who he felt would be appropriate members for his superhero team with both successful and unsuccessful results. Their immediate mission was to defeat The Chitauri, as they posed a great threat to the entire planet.

He became very angry when the team lost their first battle and The Chitauri managed to hack into SHIELDs security systems and used their information against them. He helped fight the aliens when they invaded the base and reassembled the team officially after they defeated The Chitauri and The Hulk.

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