Bios - Chitauri
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: A strange, alien race that originally aligned themselves with The Naziís, The Chitauri attempted to destroy America with a nuclear bomb before Captain America stopped them. After their defeat, they went into hibernating for several decades. They were later found after SHIELD traced a specific organic material that they were created from Ė Vibranium, a substance that can absorb anything.

Upon killing the scientists aboard a SHIELD satellite that was spying on it, The Chitauri broke into SHIELD attempting steal their vast amounts of information and weaponry.

After The Avengers initial plan failed to defeat The Chitauri, the aliens returned and were defeated by The Avengers and The Hulk. It is unknown is any members of the race survived their battle with The Avengers.

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