Bios - Captain America / Steve Rogers
Voiced by: Justin Gross
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: Subjected to the Super Soldier formula in World War II, skinny Steve Rogers was quickly ushered in as the allies Ultimate weapon and was designed to help them win the war.

On the day of Hitlerís death, The Naziís launched their own secret weapon, a nuclear warhead given to them by the alien race Chitauri, Captain America managed to blow up the warhead but fell into the ocean, believed dead for decades. Captain America did not die this day, and was merely frozen alive for over 50 years.

He was thawed out by Nick Fury and Betty Ross, in hopes that he would help Dr. Bruce Banner finally discover the secrets of the super solider formula running through his veins. He returned to a world completely foreign to him, with his great love, Gail, now married to his best friend from WWII, Bucky and most of his friends from his day now dead or ancient. With only his country left to fight for, Captain America went back to work.

When Fury and SHIELD discovered that Chitauri had returned and were once again planning an attack on Earth, he assembled The Avengers, a group of super powered heroes to fight them, and any other threats to the planet.

With Captain America leading them, The Avengers took the battle to the aliens before suffering defeat after their plan fell to pieces. Disappointed by their initial loss, the team blamed each other and quickly disbanded.

After a heart felt speech from The Black Widow, Captain America once again lead the team into battle against the aliens, and lead the fight against one of their own when Bruce Banner was transformed into The Hulk again. After taking a beating from the green goliath, Captain America told Betty to gather the medicine that Banner used to keep himself from transforming into the Hulk, and Black Widow managed to use it on the creature, with a little help from Betty Ross.

He finally reconciled with Gail whilst recovering from the injuryís he received whilst fighting Hulk and found a possible romance with Black Widow.

With a victory over both Chitauri and The Hulk under their belts, Captain America and The Avengers are ready for whatever future threats the planet faces.

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