Bios - Betty Ross
Voiced by: Nan McNamara
First Appearance: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Bio: A top scientist at SHIELD, Betty Ross was responsible for finding Captain America and thawing him out the ice. She had a broken relationship with Bruce Banner after his work on the Super Solider formula and his Hulk transformation consumed him and she stopped any attempts at the two of them reconciling, claiming she couldn’t take it anymore.

When Banner created a formula that allowed him to control The Hulk, he want on a smashing spree against both The Chitauri and The Avengers. After relentlessly pummelling the entire team, he was injected with his medicine and Betty attempted to calm him down by talking to him, to allow the antidote to run through his system without The Hulk’s adrenalin burning it out.

When Banner was locked up after the incident, Betty couldn’t face him as she couldn’t find the words.

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