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Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Synopsis: Marvel makes history again with one of the greatest heroic team ups in the universe. Hulk’s brute strength and Tony Stark’s high-tech intellect come together to create a powerful duo necessary to face off against one of the most dangerous enemies. When “Zzzax,” a seemingly invincible, energy devouring monster threatens to destroy the planet, these two Avengers are mankind’s only hope. Alone, neither can defeat the awesome power of Zzzax. As a team, they just might have a chance – if they can find a way to work together without smashing heads before time runs out! Packed with explosive action, loaded with bonus features and presented in groundbreaking Marvel CG Animation, Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United is a must-own movie event that will blow you away!

Bonus Features:
-Marvel “Inter-missions” - Marvel puts a humorous twist on their old-school original animated series. What better way to take a break from fighting villains than hitting pause and enjoying a little comedy with Marvel Mash-Ups.

-Marvel Team-Up with Ryan Penagos and Joe Q. - Super Heroes are larger than life on their own. But when they join forces with another, they become a force to be reckoned with. Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, joins Ryan Penagos (Agent M) in an intimate and lively one-on-one conversation about these Marvel Team-Ups.

Rating: PG
Feature Run Time: 72 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: Dolby Digital Surround Sound: English 5.1 – Spanish 5.1 – French 5.1
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English: ESL, English: SDH, Spanish, French

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Blu-ray Review
By James Harvey

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has given Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United a pretty by-the-books Blu-ray home video release. The bonus content, what little there is, is minimal and pretty much unrelated to the main feature. The presentation, though, is pretty fantastic.

The video quality is pretty much picture perfect, with the widescreen CG-animated film looking crisp, clean, and incredibly clear. Every little detail pops, and the film looks vibrant. It's disappointing that such a great video transfer is wasted on such a poorly animated film. There doesn't seem to be any major banding or noticeable video issues. The DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack is loud, thumping, and incredibly aggressive. Most of the audio is center-focused, but the speakers get a bit of a workout during some of the more elaborate fisticuffs. Still, the mix could have been a bit more spread out among the all the speakers, but for what the product it, it sounds fine.

In terms of bonus content, there's not really much to go through. First up is a collection of "Marvel Mash-Ups," which are clips from older Marvel cartoons re-edited and cobbled together to make funny little shorts. Sadly, these things ... aren't really funny. Still, someone might get a chuckle or two out of these, but there's nothing special and actually end up feeling tedious and overdone. After that is a short Q & A featurette, called "Marvel Team-Up with Ryan Penagos and Joe Quesada," where the two discuss all things Marvel. It's a good featurette with some nice little tidbits strewn throughout the casual conversation, though nothing really earthshaking. Marvel Comics fans will enjoy the brief chit-chat, but I'm not sure the younger set will get anything out of it.

The disc is wrapped up with some trailers, and an additional digital copy and standard definition DVD copy of the film.

Overall, it's an alright Blu-ray release for Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, but doesn't offer anything really worth repeating. The extras are slightly entertaining, but lack any real heft or weight to them. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment should look toward the efforts put forth by Warner Home Video for some of their recent comic book-based home video releases. It's worth a Rental, nothing more. Trust me, after you watch the main feature, I doubt you'll want to keep this film in your collection.

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