The Invincible Iron Man DVD Home Video Release
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Marvel Animation
Release Date: January 23rd, 2007

DVD Special Features
Alternate Opening Sequence
"The Origin of Iron Man" featurette
"The Hall of Iron Man Armor" featurette
A Look at upcoming Marvel Animated Feature Dr. Strange
Trailer Gallery

The Invincible Iron Man DVD Review
By James Harvey

The Invincible Iron Man is given a pretty standard DVD, with a small collection of extra and a serviceable presentation. Released through Lionsgate in the US and Maple Pictures in Canada, we're treated to a nice looking widescreen transfer of the feature.

The audio and video for the movie isn't perfect mind you, I found there to be some issues with the transfer, especially with the interlacing found mostly on the 2D animation, specifically with the animation on the character's mouths. There were a few times where I found myself perplexed at the odd mouth movement, only to realize the interlacing made it sometimes difficult to clearly see the facial movements. It's not a problem that plagues the entire movie, but it does pop up on occasion. The sound design, however, is sharp.

The action scenes sound great, and the detail used to bring the world of Iron Man alive is staggering. Even the tiniest of sound effects comes out loud and clear. The DVD handles the balance between music and action perfectly, as well. Never too soft, or never too overbearing. And I hate to use this comparison, as I've seen it noted in a few other reviews for this movie, but I want to make a quick note of the score. While I found the movie score to be simply excellent, I found it a bit reminiscent of the score from Batman Begins. Perhaps that's why I find this movie so easily comparable to the 2005 big-budget blockbuster, but I could swear I heard some similar music cues. That's not a negative thing, mind you, but there were times when I thought I was listening a completely different movie. Still, the audio on this disc is top-notch.

The extras are on par with the previous animated Marvel releases. We get a nice featurette discussing the origins of the character and the movie. The creative team explain why they went the route they did, starting at the basics with the character and using a rather surprising approach for their the hero's adversary. It's not as thorough as I'd like, but it right in line with the extras seen previously. Everyone from Craig Kyle to Joe Quesada gets to share their two cents on the classic character and why they though the was the perfect choice for an animated feature.

Also on tap are a couple galleries, one of Iron Man's armor and another of model sheets and 3D characters. The armor gallery is a great treat for fans. We get a look at the various armor Iron Man has worn throughout his comic history, though it feels slightly incomplete. I may have overlooked it, but I saw nothing of his current armor or status anywhere in the gallery. The 3D models and character sheets give us a look at some of the behind the scenes production of the movie.

We have an alternate opening which was dropped for the movie. The alternate opening proves a brief history of The Mandarin and actually would have added to the film, but at the same time would also make some of the twists at the end predictable. It's great to watch after the film, though, and looks great. Obviously incomplete, it still looks pretty sharp.

And definately worth mentioning is the Doctor Strange previous, offering the first eight minutes of so of the next animated feature. In short, it looks spectacular and I can't wait. I'm not even a Doctor Strange fan, but this movie already has my undivided attention.

Overall, it's a fine disc. Nothing too jam-packed, but on par with what the Lionsgate/Marvel films have been providing. A nice bit of a fluff with a peek into what went on behind the scenes and a nod to the comic origins of the character. The discs themselves look nice, with solid menu and a great presentations. If you're a Marvel fan, it's a no brainer to pick up. If you're on the fence, I'd say give a rental before opting to pay the full price.