The Invincible Iron Man DVD Home Video Release
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Marvel Animation
Release Date: January 23rd, 2007

DVD Special Features
ē Alternate Opening Sequence
ē "The Origin of Iron Man" featurette
ē "The Hall of Iron Man Armor" featurette
ē A Look at upcoming Marvel Animated Feature Dr. Strange
ē Trailer Gallery

The Invincible Iron Man DVD Review
By Stu

The Invincible Iron Man DVD lives up to the standards set by the previous Ultimate Avengers DTVs but unfortunately doesnít make any great attempts to improve upon them. What is here is good, but you canít help but feel thereís a lot more content missing. I realise that these DVDs are sold pretty cheaply, but I still think a lot more could be added to them.

Presentation wise, the disc is pretty good. Thereís the odd bit of interlacing when the characters speak but overall, itís decent enough. Itís especially distracting if youíre watching it on your PC monitor but thatís actually a fairly common occurrence with most animated DVDs, which only goes to show that you really should be watching them on your TV anyway. The audio was fine to me, but Iíve never been especially fussy when it comes to the audio presentation Ė Iím happy if it doesnít buzz.

Features wise, againÖ itís all right but much more. Adequate is the best way to describe it. ďThe Origin Of Iron ManĒ features the creative team discussing the various changes they made to Iron Manís origin, what they kept, what they changed, why they changed it etc, and itís all great stuff to hear. Itís runs about ten minutes long and is full of all sorts of goodies for fans of the character to hear. We here from the likes of Craig Kyle, the writer Greg Johnson offers his thoughts on the character, executive producer Eric Rollman talks us through why the decision was made to go for a 2D/3D look and Frank Paur offers more of the same. Even the loathsome presence of Joe Quesada didnít ruin my enjoyment of the disc! Curiously enough, thereís no sign of the third picture he mentioned that he drew on the disc.

The Alternative Opening isÖ you can probably guess what it is, but it shows a little more to The Mandarinís story in the film and was actually done by Frank Paur himself. Itís obvious as to why it wasnít used as the main title as it gives a little too much of the film away, but itís still a pretty cool feature to see. Things like this are what DVDs are for and itís nice to see it included.

The highlight for me was The Hall Of Armour feature, which had a small bio on some of the various armours The Iron Knight was adorned in his 40+ years. It couldíve been presented a bit better but itís nice to see that they included something.

The disc also features the opening scene to the upcoming Dr. Strange DTV, which to be utterly honest, looks a hell of a lot cooler than it probably has a right to be. Looking forward to that one in August. The disc is rounded off with a presentation on various concept sketches and such, as well as a few trailers and if it did peak your curiosity, The Amazing Screw On Head pilot is well worth picking up.

Overall, an adequate but not especially thrilling disc. Hopefully future Marvel DTVs will feature audio commentaries because the discs have been in dire need of them for a while now.