Bios - James Rhodes

Voice:Rodney Saulsberry

Bio: Rhodie was sent over to China by Tony Stark to supervise the raising on the ancient city until The Jade Dragon kidnapped him. Stark flew over to China to arrange the terms of his release only to be kidnapped himself and held as prisoners. Stark and Rhodie went to work on creating a device that would stop the city from rising but later instead focused their efforts on creating a suit of armour in which they could escape from their captures.

When they returned to America they were arrested after being accused of selling arms to The Jade Dragons, but they promptly escaped. Now wanted as fugitives, they returned to Stark Enterprises, and Rhodie finally discovered that Stark’s armour wasn’t something he had developed in China – he had a hall of armour in his office, which greatly angered Rhodie.

Rhodie again took a fall so Tony could escaped, getting himself arrested. When it was revealed that neither he nor Tony had anything to do with selling the arms, he was released and promoted to the head of special divisions at Stark Enterprises.

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