Doctor Strange Home Video Release
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Marvel Animation
Release Date: August 14th, 2007

DVD and Blu-ray Special Features:
•“Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics”
•“Who is Doctor Strange?” featurette
Doctor Strange Concept Art
•First Look at Avengers Reborn feature
•Trailer Gallery

Doctor Strange Blu-ray Review
By James Harvey

The Blu-ray release of Doctor Strange is similar to the DVD release of the movie. In fact, save for the high-definition transfer of the movie, it's basically the exact same release, save for a couple of the perks that come with Blu-ray (the higher-quality transfer, packaging, different menu designs, etc).

The audio and video transfer appear pretty solid, but not perfect. The major problem is the color banding of the image, which means the colors don't blend as well as they should. There was also some slight pixelization, but, aside from that, no other defects were noted in the video. The audio, however, sounds pretty excellent. The action sequences, particularly the big sequence at the end, sound flat-out amazing, with audio coming from all around the room. Also the quiet scenes are quite stunning, especially when the only sound is blowing wind or the scratching of a pen on paper.

The extras are on par with the usual Marvel Animated Features through Lionsgate Home Entertainment, and, well, are slightly disappointing. There is so much more information that should be presented on these releases and, instead, we get either un-related extras or minimal production information.

First up is the “Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Cinematics, which are basically cut scenes between levels in a video game, from Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II are presented here. I will say that, well, as cool as it is to see these cinematics on Blu-ray, it seems like filler to me. Yes, the animation is pretty excellent and they do look cool, but since they’re just taken out of context from the game, they useless being here. However, fans of the video games will really enjoy having these in high-quality.

Next up is the best extra on the disc, the “Who Is Doctor Strange” featurette. The featurette looks at the comic book origins of Doctor Strange, and why he was picked to headline his own movie. Interviews from a host of artists and writers, both from the comics and the cartoon, are presented. Stan Lee, of course, appears, but he’s so restrained here. He’s not bouncing off the walls, but is actually a bit calm and collected. It’s a nice change, and he actually provides some insight on why he chose names for a few of the characters. It’s a pretty nice featurette which, personally, I would kill if it was longer. I love these types of extras, and I think they could have easily milked a 30 – 60 minutes featurette instead of one lasting barely 15 minutes.

After that is the “Doctor Strange Concept Art,” a two-minute montage of artwork, storyboards, and character designs from the movie. A great little extra, but, of course, too short. I love this stuff, and would like to see a lot more in future Marvel Animated Features releases.

After that is a first look at Avengers Reborn, which, since this preview, morphed into Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. We get an early look at the production of the film and, as you can see by watching this featurette, many things have changed since then and now. Regardless, it's a solid look at the upcoming feature, a featurette that literally divided the fanbase when it was first announced, which is frankly a shame since the final product is quite excellent.

Finally, we have a trailer gallery featuring trailers for the previous Marvel Animated Features DTVs and a few other Lionsgate features. Nothing too exciting, but it’s nice to have all the trailers for the Animated Marvel Movies (I’m a bit of a trailer nut)

Overall, it’s a fair selection of extras on the Blu-ray, but it is essentially the same bonus features from the Doctor Strange Blu-ray release. They really need to add more content on these releases, especially with many people seeing out this character for the first time. There’s plenty of material that can surely be slapped on. Personally, I’d also like to see a commentary track bless one of these releases soon. I’m sure there’s a lot that be discussed concerning the creative process of the movie. While the “Cinematics” extra is sort of useless, the rest is worth checking out. Since the extras only add up to about 25 – 40 minutes in total, it won’t take long to go through them. The disc itself looks nice, with a solid menu and a great presentation. Of course, the main attraction is the feature itself, and you should base your purchase on that, with the extra features a nice bonus for the fans. I just wish there was more, though. Thankfully, the main feature Doctor Strange is a solid movie , easily making this release Recommended.