Episode #35 - The Hawk and the Spider
Original Airdate - October 24th, 2011
Iron Man has a hard time stopping thieves Hawkeye and Black Widow from stealing Stark International’s UI chip, and an even harder time when Titanium Man steals it from them!

Written By Thomas Barichella and Gavin Hignight
Directed By Stephane Juffe and Phillipe Guyenne
Review by Arsenal

Sure, this episode piles on the pyrotechnics with guest stars Hawkeye and Black Widow, as well as the return of MODOC; but “The Hawk and the Spider” is really just a fun spy riff.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. After the dramatic heft and big battles of the last two episodes, a well-executed caper episode is a nice change of pace.

Justin Hammer spends most of this episode performing an homage to Arcade, trying to trap Hawkeye, Black Widow and Iron Man in increasingly ridiculous and expensive death traps.

It works because the episode never loses its sense of fun. (Can’t decide what’s funnier: Rhodey’s reaction to Black Widow or Hawkeye’s reaction to MODOC.)

This would be one of the better episodes of season one. In its much improved season two, it still qualifies as a pleasant bit of window dressing.

And, now, some of the best jokes at Hawkeye’s expense in “The Hawk and the Spider:”

“I just got robbed by… Robin Hood.”

“Hey, Purple Arrow… or whoever…”

“Maybe he’s got a boxing glove arrow.”

“Really? Arrows? You’re arsenal’s about 10,000 years out of date.”

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