Episode #23 - Uncontrollable
Original Airdate - January 18th, 2011
The Hulk has landed in New York, and Pepper and Rhodey see that he's after someone - a kid named Rick Jones. Trouble is, Rick is being controlled - by The Controller. He's using Rick to manipulate the Hulk. The Controller wants revenge against AIM, and the Hulk is just the weapon to give it to him. When Iron Man arrives, he's able to free Rick, but at a great cost. The Controller now has Iron Man under his command, and it's up to Pepper and Rhodey to free time – with a little hep from their Incredible new friend.

Story Editor Christopher Yost
Written By Thomas Barichella
Directed By Stephane Juffe and Phillipe Guyenne
Review by Arsenal

“I’m glad Rhodey didn’t come. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”

Well played, Pepper Potts. Well played.

Fans love superhero team-ups, but they’re difficult to do well. You have to introduce the guest hero, make them look good, not overshadow the star and still give them a villain to fight. It’s a lot of plot to shoehorn into half an hour. But the Iron Man crew did an admirable job withUncontrollable.

The guest stars, in this case, are The Hulk and Rick Jones, who are used perfectly. They and Team Iron Man fight with the Controller, who is trying to manipulate both groups of heroes.

Each of the heroes gets a good moment, whether it is The Hulk smashing, James Rhodes multitasking or Potts quipping. The only weak spot in Uncontrollable is the villain.

The Controller is a generic villain. He wants revenge. He’s not particularly interesting. He’s got a mind control shtick. Nothing special, nothing you could build an episode around.

Fortunately, he’s window dressing here—an excuse for the two heroes to look good, and they do.

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