Episode #19 - Technovore
Original Airdate - October 9th, 2009
In a moment of anger, Tony created a weapon – a computer virus called Technovore. It was supposed to destroy itself when it completed its objective, but it didn't. Instead, the virus grew, spawned a horrific body, and began to hunger. It consumes every piece of technology that it comes across, growing and adapting as it prepares to go out into the world. That is, unless Iron Man and Rhodey can stop it. But where most villains see Iron Man as a challenge, Technovore sees him as a snack.

Story Editor Christopher Yost
Written By Julien Magnat, Christopher Yost
Directed By Stephane Juffe and Phillipe Guyenne
Review by Arsenal

“Technovore” is another solid episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. That makes three in a row. After a shaky beginning, this show seems to have found its legs.

The characters and themes are well enough established that the creators of this show can focus more on furthering plots.

In “Technovore,” Rhodey and Tony fight a Borg-like computer virus that consumes technology. Fans of Rhodey and War Machine will be especially pleased with his star turn.

Meanwhile, Pepper gets to live her dream and spend a day on the SHIELD helicarrier.

I have two minor gripes about this otherwise strong episode. There is a sequence in which Rhodey runs from the villain and the animation is noticeably weak. He looks like a jogging mannequin. His movements are stilted and unnatural.

Second, the villain, the titular Technovore, seems stunted by the writers’ lack of creativity. Because it is constructed by a bunch of nanobots, it should be able to deconstruct, reconstruct or change shape at will. Yet, the writers and animators have it behave like it was a single physical being. That’s thinking small.

Why create a villain with such an interesting skill set, if you’re only going to only use a small bit of it? That’s like using a sledgehammer to knock on a door.

Of course, the end of the episode hinted at Technovore’s return, so maybe they were saving something for the sequel.

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