Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Volume Two DVD Release
Release Date: January 5th, 2010
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment

Synopsis: Join the Adventures of Teenage Prodigy Tony Stark, and His Alter Ego Iron Man, as He Uses His Technological Inventions to Battle Villains and Save the World! When new threats like Living Laser and Madame Masque bring their own brand of chaos, it's up to Iron Man to answer the call! Suit up and get back in action with Tony and his best friends, Rhodey and Pepper, as they risk it all to defeat evil and save the day using their futuristic gadgets and a little teamwork. Enjoy 6 action-packed episodes filled with bigger challenges, more secrets and pulse-pounding showdowns. Prepare to blast off with Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Volume 2!

Bonus Features:
-The Super Hero Squad Show "A Day in the Life"
-Iron Man: Armored Adventures Trailer
-Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer

Review by James Harvey:

Much like the previous Iron Man: Armored Adventures release, here we get a simple release packaged in the standard Amaray case. No frills, really, which is a bit disappointing considering that other recent Marvel Animated releases are getting some really fine looking releases, both inside and out.

Audio and video for this release is pretty impressive. The video transfer is undeniably strong here, looking crisp, clear, and near perfect. The audio is just as solid, managing to really pack a punch during the action sequences. A remarkable amount of work has definitely been put into Iron Man: Armored Adventures look its absolute best.

As great as this release looks, it gets bogged down with a really light load of features. Extras includes a couple trailers for Wolverine and the X-Men and Iron Man: Armored Adventures and a The Super Hero Squad ďDay in the Life OfĒ short. And thatís it. Less than ten minutes of additional content. True, we get a lot of content with just the main feature, but something more than barely 10 minutes of promotional material would have been nice.

This is a serviceable release, yes, but I feel there should have been more included. Where are the commentaries and featurettes? Perhaps being saved for a more in-depth collection down the line?

For die-hard fans of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, you have no reason to pass this up. You get six more adventures in one tidy little collection. However, for the casual viewer, you may want to consider holding off for a possible box set collection in the future. With the lack of extras and the episodes included here playing in heavy rotation on Nicktoons Network, these episodes are easy to catch at nearly any time. The episodes included are enjoyable, and shows plenty of promise for improvement down the road, but the lack of extras strike a serious blow for this DVD release. Still, for parents looking to add some iron to their kidís DVD collection, this should do just fine.

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