Iron Man: Armored Adventures - The Complete Season Two DVD Release
Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment

Synopsis: Join Tony Stark and his friends as they battle it out to keep control of his father's company, Stark Enterprises and protect the original Iron Man armor! Watch as he fights villains to save his position as the original Iron Man all while being a normal teenager. Will he be able to help a fellow super-hero regain his power? Or will he turn his back on him in an effort to protect himself? Anything can happen in the superhero world of Iron Man: Armored Adventures! Includes all Season 2 episodes on 4 discs!

Bonus Features:
-Concept Art

If you waited, your patience has paid off. As opposed to the four single-disc Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Season Two DVD titles released over the past few months by Vivendi Entertainment, fans of the animated series can now pick up all 26 episodes of the second season in one handy four-disc DVD collection! All four volumes in one case! Released on the same day as the Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Season Two, Volume Four DVD , the Iron Man: Armored Adventures – The Complete Season Two DVD collection (also from Vivendi Entertainment) brings the entire final season to the shelf, and it’s a season worth checking out even if you weren’t too fond of the show’s initial outing.

To briefly touch upon it, the second season of Iron Man: Armored Adventures keeps what worked with the first season and improves upon what didn’t. The second season feels like a natural progression for the show, with plot lines moving forward, motivations changing, and the cast growing. Tony Stark starts to step into a much wider universe this season, and we get that thanks to frequent guest appearances from an assortment of Marvel heroes and villains, plus a near constant presence of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Things get increasingly interesting as the season progresses, too, especially with The Mandarin’s search for the rings, a new armored ally, and a surprising twist toward the end of the series. By no means is it a perfect season, but there’s so much more good in here than I think anyone gives the show credit for. It’s a genuinely fun show. Yes, this is a very different take on the Iron Man mythos, but it’s just as valid as any of the others and, thankfully, it’s pretty darn good, too.

So what about the release itself? If you’ve bought the four previous single-disc releases, then you know exactly what’s in store. These are those discs. But, before I get to that, there’s something else I need to quickly touch upon – the packaging. Now, on the outside, everything looks great. It’s a standard DVD case, no frills, nothing special. Inside however...Vivendi has stacked all four discs on top of themselves. If you want to get to disc four, you have to take all four discs out to get to it. There’s no hinge-flap or anything like that. All four discs are simply stacked upon themselves. Its lazy, clumsy and, frankly, I am worried about damaging these discs. While I applaud Vivendi for putting all these discs in one simple package, the method is definitely lacking.

Outside of that major misstep by Vivendi, the rest falls along as it should. If you’ve picked up any of the previous DVD volume releases, then you know what to expect – light extras but great presentation. Audio and video on all four discs are spectacular, which is no surprise given that these are simply the same previously-released DVDs, just packaged together. The widescreen video transfer is undeniably strong here, looking really impressive. Banding is evident here and there, but it all looks pretty excellent and very clear for a standard definition release. The audio is incredibly robust, managing to really pack a punch during the action sequences. Honestly, as great as this DVD title is, in terms of audio/video specs, this show is really crying out for a Blu-ray release (though one better than its first and only DVD release collecting the show’s first six episodes – yikes). However, that is incredibly unlikely, so these well-done DVD collections will have to do.

The bonus content found on each disc is light. We get some art galleries and credits for the series and that’s it. The art galleries are nice, giving us a closer look at assorted characters from the series. Magneto, Dr. Doom, Black Widow, the Makluan Aliens are just the tip of what these galleries offer. It’s a bit disappointing there’s no other additional content, like interviews or featurettes, but these galleries are at least interesting and worth a look for fans of the show. Some exclusive content to this set would be a great purchase incentive for those who bought the signle-disc volume titles. A closer look at each menu screen and disc - all collected in this four-disc collection - can be found in the respective single-disc volume release pages found at this site.

For fans of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, this is the DVD release you have been waiting for – the one that completes the collection and wraps it all up! All 26 episodes are here in one release, bringing the four previous single-disc Season Two volumes releases here in one snazzy DVD title! Iron Man: Armored Adventures – The Complete Season Two is worth a spin, presenting a cool take on a classic Marvel icon. Yeah, some pretty big changes were made but, in all honesty, that resulted in some great stories that couldn’t be told anywhere else, and lead to some genuinely great twists that I won’t spoil here. It’s a cool What If... spin that deserves being checked out. And, if you weren’t a fan of the show’s first season, that shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying the second season of a genuinely solid Marvel Animation series. Iron Man: Armored Adventures – The Complete Season Two definitely comes Recommended to own.

Please note this release is available in the U.S. exclusively via, but is available wide in Canada.

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