Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season Two, Volume Two DVD Release
Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment

Synopsis: Team up with Tony Stark and his friends in the next 6 episodes of Season 2, as he continues his fierce battle to prevent the stolen Iron Man technology from being used for evil. Iron Man faces an enemy like none other when the villainous Doctor Doom sets his sights on the Iron Man tech. The battle continues, as Iron Man must face the might of Titanium Man and Iron Monger. Witness Iron Manís first meeting with the Black Widow and Hawkeye. Itís hard to tell who is friend or foe but rest assured that Iron Man wonít be deceived! So suit up in your best armor and join Iron Man in the heroic adventure of a lifetime!

∑ Titanium vs. Iron
∑ The Might of Doom
∑ The Hawk and The Spider
∑ Enter: Iron Monger
∑ Fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.
∑ All The Best People are Mad

Six more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which gained serious momentum in its second season, are now available on single-disc DVD. The disc, like previous single-disc releases, is light on extras with little frills. Courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment, the studio is hoping to hit while the iron is hot (especially since this release hits shelves the same day as the blockbuster Marvelís The Avengers), and wind up churning out a pretty satisfactory release.

Audio and video for this release is pretty impressive all around. The widescreen video transfer is undeniably strong here. Banding is evident here and there, same with some macroblocking, but it all looks pretty excellent. The audio is incredibly robust, managing to really pack a punch during the action sequences. Excellent quality all around, serving as a nice reminder that DVD releases can still produce some pretty excellent results. A great standard definition transfer, but this show definitely needs a Blu-ray release.

Naturally, the extras are light. We get some art galleries and credits for the series and ... that is it. Light...not much to really go on. It basically falls in line with the previous single-disc releases. This is okay, I suppose, but I feel there should have been more included. I imagine weíll get a few more in-depth extras when we get the inevitable second season multi-disc collection (if the release pattern for the first season release is to be followed). The art galleries are nice, especially the closer look at Dr. Doom. Still, if current DVD trends are to be acknowledged, weíre lucky to get anything it seems. The Warner Home Video collections of their assorted comic book-inspired cartoons have been particularly disappointing as of late in the extras department.

For die-hard fans of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, you have no reason to pass this up. You get six adventures from the second season in one tidy little collection. However, for the casual viewer, you may want to consider holding off for the likely box set collection in the future. Still, with the second season episodes currently not airing on television, this release is your only outlet to view these particular episodes for the time-being. The episodes included are enjoyable, showing huge improvement over the first season, but the lack of extras strike a serious blow for this DVD release. Still, for parents looking to add some iron to their kidís DVD collection, this should do just fine.

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