Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season Two, Volume Three DVD Release
Release Date: January 22nd, 2013
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment

Synopsis: Iron Man: Armored Adventures follows Tony Stark, teen inventor and heir to the billion-dollar corporation Stark International, as he battles the enemies of world peace with his high-tech armor. After losing his father in a tragic plane accident, Tony now uses his suit of invincible armor to protect those who would also fall prey to tragedy, corruption and conspiracy. With help from his friends Rhodey and Pepper Potts, Tony’s adventures as Iron Man are nonstop high-octane action.

Season 2, Volume 3 sees Iron Man taking on the mutant menace, Magneto, and a relative from the far-flung future who wants to eliminate Iron Man for good, while trying to prevent Stark International from falling into the clutches of a despised enemy. Suit up for Iron Man: Armored Adventures and join in on the fun as volume three of the second season arrives on DVD January 22.

-"Heavy Mettle"
-"Mandarin’s Quest"
-"Hostile Takeover"
-"The X-Factor"
-"Iron Man 2099"

Like clockwork, Vivendi Entertainment has unleashed six more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures to DVD. The disc, like previous single-disc releases, is light on extras with little frills. Thankfully, the main featured content is really strong, showcasing how the CG-animated series really found its footing and ran with it in its second (and final) season.

Audio and video for this release are both solid all around. The widescreen video transfer is undeniably strong here. Banding is evident here and there, but it all looks pretty excellent and very clear for a standard definition release. The audio is incredibly robust, managing to really pack a punch during the action sequences. Honestly, as great as this DVD title is, in terms of audio/video specs, this show is really crying out for a Blu-ray release. However, that is incredibly unlikely, so these well-done DVD collections will have to do.

Naturally, the extras are light. We get some art galleries and credits for the series and ... that is it. Light...not much to really go on. It basically falls in line with the previous single-disc DVD releases. The art galleries are nice, especially the closer look at Magneto, but it would be nice for the label to include some featurettes. I imagine we’ll get a few more in-depth extras when we get the inevitable second season multi-disc collection (if the release pattern for the first season release is to be followed). Still, if current DVD trends are to be acknowledged, we’re lucky to get anything it seems. The Warner Home Video collections of their assorted comic book-inspired cartoons have been particularly disappointing as of late in the extras department, especially for their DC Comics-themed releases. They usually lack extras entirely, so getting at least some content here is nice, though still an obvious shaft.

For die-hard fans of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, you have no reason to pass this up. Six more adventures from the second season are here in one tidy little collection, slowly inching closer to that final second season DVD release. However, for the casual viewer, you may want to consider holding off for the likely box set collection in the future (likely in time for Iron Man 3’s home video release. The episodes included are all pretty great, showing huge improvement over the first season, but the lack of extras can be seen as a major blemish on this DVD. Still, with the second season episodes currently not airing on television, this release is your only outlet to view these particular episodes for the time-being.

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