Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season Two, Volume Four DVD Release
Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment

Synopsis: Join Tony Stark and his friends as they battle it out to keep control of his father's company, Stark Enterprises and protect the original Iron Man armor! Watch as he fights villains to save his position as the original Iron Man all while being a normal teenager. Will he be able to help a fellow super-hero regain his power? Or will he turn his back on him in an effort to protect himself? Anything can happen in the superhero world of Iron Man: Armored Adventures!

-The Hammer Falls
-Rage of the Hulk
-Iron Monger Lives!
-Dragon Seed
-The Makluan Invasion, Part One
-The Makluan Invasion, Part Two

Bonus Features:
-Concept Art

Arriving just in time for the big-screen blockbuster Iron Man 3, Vivendi Entertainment collects the final eight episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures to DVD . Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Season Two, Volume Four, like previous single-disc DVD releases for the animated series, is light on extras and features little frills. Thankfully, the main featured content is really strong, showcasing how the CG-animated series really found its footing as it wrapped up its second and final season. The series finale is particularly enjoyable, if not a bit flawed.

Audio and video for this release are both solid all around, no surprise given the quality of the previous releases in this series. The widescreen video transfer is undeniably strong here, looking really impressive. Banding is evident here and there, but it all looks pretty excellent and very clear for a standard definition release. The audio is incredibly robust, managing to really pack a punch during the action sequences. The climax of the final episode sounds as epic as it should here. Honestly, as great as this DVD title is, in terms of audio/video specs, this show is really crying out for a Blu-ray release. However, that is incredibly unlikely, so these well-done DVD collections will have to do.

Naturally, the extras are light. We get some art galleries and credits for the series and ... that is it. Light...not much to really go on. It basically falls in line with the previous single-disc DVD releases. The art galleries are nice, especially the closer looks at Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Makluan Aliens, but it would be nice to get at least a retrospective featurette. Still, if current DVD trends are to be acknowledged, we’re lucky to be getting anything it seems. The Warner Home Video collections of their assorted comic book-inspired cartoons have been particularly disappointing as of late in the extras department, especially for their DC Comics-themed releases. They usually lack extras entirely, so getting at least some content here is nice, though still a bit frustrating since there a fair amount of folks on the show’s creative team who’d like to discuss the series. Even the pre-packaged EPKs created by Nicktoons Network to support the show would make for a great addition.

For die-hard fans of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, you have no reason to pass this up – this completes the collection. The final eight episodes collected here on one release, wrapping everything up. Please keep in mind that Vivendi Entertainment is releasing an (in the States, as it will apparently be more widely available in Canada) Iron Man: The Complete Second Season multi-disc set collecting all of the Season Two DVD releases in one package. The episodes included are all pretty great, showing huge improvement over the first season, but the lack of extras can be seen as a major blemish on this DVD. Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Season Two, Volume Four is worth picking up for fans, without a doubt.

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