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Episode #201: The Invincible Iron Man, Part One: Disassembled
Original Airdate - July 13th, 2011
When Mr. Fix’s shadowy boss orders the abduction Justin Hammer and then Obadiah Stane, Tony Stark armors up for the first time in months. Will an upgraded Whiplash make it his last?

Episode #202: The Invincible Iron Man, Part Two: Reborn!
Original Airdate - July 20th, 2011
With his father’s company on the line, an injured Tony must suit up in his new Mark 2 Iron Man armor and join War Machine to defeat Blizzard, Whiplash, Mr. Fix, and their mysterious boss!

Episode #203: Look into the Light
Original Airdate - July 27th, 2011
When Mr. Fix rematerializes the Living Laser, unexpected complications split him into two halves. The Light Half seeks Iron Man’s help before the Dark Half’s rampage destroys the planet!

Episode #204: The Ghost in the Machine
Original Airdate - August 3rd, 2011
To thwart Tony’s take over of Stark International, a devious Stane hires Ghost to help him acquire the Iron Man armor … leading the spy to discover Iron Man’s identity!

Episode #205: Armor Wars
Original Airdate - August 10th, 2011
Using Tony’s stolen specs, Stane creates cheap, mass-produced corporate heroes called The Guardsmen. Iron Man must go rogue to discredit these new pseudo heroes!

Episode #206: Line of Fire
Original Airdate - August 17th, 2011
Investigating the reason behind Black Panther’s attacks on Hammer Multinational, Tony uncovers the dark reality of Stark International’s involvement in an escalating civil war!

Episode #207: Titanium Versus Armor
Original Airdate - August 25th, 2011
Hammer’s newest creation, Titanium Man, badly damages War Machine and nearly destroys the Iron Man armor! Can Iron Man evade Titanium Man and save Rhodey?

Episode #208: The Might of Doom
Original Airdate - October 17th, 2011
The nefarious Doctor Doom has arrived in New York to collect the stolen Iron Man specs. Tony must give it everything he has to take on the nearly unstoppable villain!

Episode #209: The Hawk and the Spider
Original Airdate - October 24th, 2011
Iron Man has a hard time stopping thieves Hawkeye and Black Widow from stealing Stark International’s UI chip, and an even harder time when Titanium Man steals it from them!

Episode #210: Enter: Iron Monger
Original Airdate - October 31st, 2011
Stane has perfected armor more powerful than Titanium Man: Iron Monger. Tony and Rhodey need to use their brains to defeat their foe … before they get bashed to pieces!

Episode #211: Fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Original Airdate - November 7th, 2011
Nick Fury seeks Iron Man’s help when top-secret plans are stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D., but crafty Black Widow set up Iron Man and forces him to turn against Fury’s organization!

Episode #212: All the Best People are Mad
Original Airdate - November 26th, 2011
An envious Rhona turns Tomorrow Academy into a lethal maze of traps for Tony and his schoolmates, while her twin brother, Andy, turns out to be unexpectedly lethal as well.

Episode #213: Heavy Mettle
Original Airdate - November 26th, 2011
After Stane is fired from Stark International, he discovers Iron Man’s identity and steals Iron Monger to destroy him, leading to a battle that includes a scheming Titanium Man!

Episode #214: Mandarin's Quest
Original Airdate - February 29th, 2012
Mandarin is back and needs Tony’s help to claim the eighth Makluan ring. Tony refuses, but when Mandarin says he can discover the truth about Tony’s father, they join forces!

Episode #215: Hostile Takeover
Original Airdate - March 7th, 2012
When Hammer buys out Stark International, a penniless Tony vows to stop at nothing until the world knows what Hammer really is – a master criminal!

Episode #216: Extremis
Original Airdate - March 14th, 2012
When Agent Mallen is fired from S.H.I.E.L.D., he takes the super-serum “Extremis” and mutates into a powerful maniac bent on revenge. Can Iron Man stop this powerful foe?

Episode #217: The X-Factor
Original Airdate - March 21st, 2012
Tony’s new friend Annie turns out to be a mutant on the run from Magneto! Iron Man tries to protect her, but how can he fight a mutant with a mastery over all things metal?

Episode #218: Iron Man 2099
Original Airdate - June 6th, 2012
In the future, Tony Stark’s grandson Andros is Iron Man 2099. Except his time-travelling super-armor isn’t designed to save the day, but to eliminate Tony Stark!

Episode #219: Control-Alt-Delete
Original Airdate - March 28th, 2012
Tony wakes up in a virtual world created by the Controller, who has hatched an elaborate scheme to mass-enslave the city with a new virtual technology called the Mainframe.

Episode #220: Doomsday
Original Airdate - June 13th, 2012
To keep reality itself from being torn apart, Iron Man must team up with his enemy Mandarin to stop Dr. Doom after he captures the Ninth Ring – and Tony’s father too!

Episode #221: The Hammer Falls
Original Airdate - June 20th, 2012
To keep his company from the Starks, an increasingly insane Justin Hammer unleashes Titanium Man on his former henchmen and develops a sinister zombie gas!

Episode #222: Rage of the Hulk
Original Airdate - June 27th, 2012
Esteemed scientist Bruce Banner needs Howard and Tony Stark’s help desperately. An old colleague of Howard’s, the meek scientist is secretly the green man-monster known as the Hulk. Hunted by the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. he’s counting on the Starks’ to help him return to normal. But when their experiment is interrupted with tragic results, Iron Man must figure out a way to stop both S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Hulk without anyone getting hurt!

Episode #223: Iron Monger Lives!
Original Airdate - July 4th, 2012
Tony and his father Howard have come to visit Obadiah Stane in the hospital only to find the former mogul is missing. Tony is desperate to find him, but before he can, strange things start happening. Rhodey and Pepper scramble to find Whitney to see if she can help, but it already be too late.

Episode #224: Dragon Seed
Original Airdate - July 11th, 2012
Pepper becomes the armored Rescue, joining Iron Man and War Machine to track down Mandarin in China, where a Makluan Alien Guardian reveals the shocking truth about the rings!

Episode #225: The Makluan Invasion, Part One
Original Airdate - July 18th, 2012
Possessing all ten rings, Mandarin plans to rule the world, but instead he signals the Makluan Overlord’s alien fleet to invade Earth! Can Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue, Gene, and S.H.I.E.L.D. stop this new threat?

Episode #226: The Makluan Invasion, Part Two
Original Airdate - July 25th, 2012 (Series Finale Episode)
With Gene aboard the Makluan ship and Howard Stark at the Armory, Iron Man, War Machine, and Rescue must unite Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, and the Hulk to stop the Makluan Overlord from destroying the Earth!

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