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Click on the images below to view a selection of images from the opening title sequence from both season of Iron Man: The Animated Series. The image collections for both opening titles are divided into two blocks below. Commentary from Marvel Animation Age webmaster Stu can also be found below.

As with Fantastic Four, each season had different opening credits using thier respectives models. The first season is basically clips from the cartoon itself and a few bits of original animation. This opening is most famous for featuring a very sloppy screw up, as Hypnotia's hypnotising powers is shown over the top of Blacklash as he makes his entrance. Oddly enough, MODOK receives no opening image, and War Machine is the only hero featured with his own blurb.

The second season featured an all new opening, void of any villains or sidekicks, instead showing Tony Stark engineering his armor, with many armors from the comics 'haunting' him as he works. It also displays the various armors Iron Man would use throughout the series. The opening is best known for having the coolest opening theme of all time. It can be found in the Downloads section. Video for both titles can be found in the Video Clips section.