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Episode #1 “And the Sea Shall Give Up its Dead”
 Original Episode Airdate - September 24th, 1994
The Mandarin sinks a submarine in order to turn the crew into Zombies who can invade Iron Man's armory. Once the Zombies hit the air, they will become contagious and turn the rest of the world into Zombies as well.

Episode #2 “Data In – Chaos Out”
Original Episode Airdate - October 1st, 1994
Justin Hammer and The Mandarin capture satellites controlling international finance to discredit Tony Stark and frame him for robbing the world.

Episode #3 “Silence my Companion, Death my Destination”
Original Episode Airdate - October 8th, 1994
Mandarin and Hammer kidnap Julia to lure Iron Man into a sunless trap, which disables him. Iron Man must use the energy from music in a tape player to save them both.

Episode #4 “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat”
Original Episode Airdate - October 15th, 1994
The Mandarin steals Stark's jet fighter bomber while Hammer defames Stark Enterprises. Iron Man steps in to stop them.

Episode #5 “Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer!”
Original Episode Airdate - October 22nd, 1994
When Ultimo comes to life so the Mandarin can learn his secrets, the robot goes on a destructive crusade, and Iron Man must stop him.

Episode #6 “Enemy Without, Enemy Within”
Original Episode Airdate - November 5th, 1994
Mandarin's forces kidnap a fashion model while Modok defects to Iron Man's team. Modok then reveals that the model is his wife, and he will betray The Mandarin if Tony Stark helps her.

Episode #7 “The Defection of Hawkeye”
Original Episode Airdate - November 19th, 1994
Iron Man must look into Hawkeye's past when it appears that he defected to Mandarin's team.

Episode #8 “The Origin of the Mandarin”
Original Episode Airdate - November 12th, 1994
Iron Man and his team discover the Mandarin's hologrammic diary and discover how he got his fantastic powers.

Episode #9 “Iron Man to the Second Power, Part One”
Original Episode Airdate - January 21st, 1995
Modok and Mandarin create an evil version of Iron Man who discredits the hero by stealing an antidote to a deadly fever. Mandarin then reactivates the fever virus which the evil Iron Man uses to blackmail the world. The world assumes that the real Iron Man and Tony Stark are behind the blackmail.

Episode #10 “Iron Man to the Second Power, Part Two”
Original Episode Airdate - January 28th, 1995
When the duplicate Iron Man threatens to release the fever virus on Los Angeles. Spider Woman and The Scarlet Witch find the real Iron Man, who goes to battle with his evil twin.

Episode #11 “The Origin of Iron Man, Part One”
Original Episode Airdate - January 7th, 1995
A badly injured Iron Man must use his Armor Computer to replay his personal memory module that keeps his life support systems functioning. Meanwhile, Tony's team and The Mandarin's forces search for him.

Episode #12 “The Origin of Iron Man, Part Two”
Original Episode Airdate - January 14th, 1995
As his memory Module replays scenes from his past, Tony Stark clings to life in a glacier while his friends and The Mandarin search for him.

Episode #13 “The Wedding of Iron Man”
Original Episode Airdate - February 4th, 1995
As Tony Stark is marrying Julia Carpenter, we flashback on the events which brought the couple to the altar, only to learn that the marriage vows have nothing to do with love, and everything to do with The Mandarin.

Episode #14 “The Beast Within”
Original Episode Airdate - September 23, 1995
Mandarin tries to lure Iron Man into a trap so that he can steal his armor. When Tony Stark fakes his death and emerges in new armor, Fing Fam Foom joins forces with Iron Man to foil Mandarin's horrific plot. The Mandarin appears destroyed, with his powerful rings spread across the world.

Episode #15 “Fire and Pain”
Original Episode Airdate - September 30, 1995
Firebrand, the son of a disgruntled former Stark board member, causes a blackout, and when Iron Man confronts him, Firebrand destroys a huge hydroelectric dam, endangering the city.

Episode #16 “Cell of Iron”
Original Episode Airdate - October 7, 1995
Iron Man discovers a mysterious space station called Star Well when he investigates a terrorist satellite attack on a school in China. Iron Man must stop the mile-long satellite from crashing into New York City.

Episode #17 “Not Far From the Tree”
Original Episode Airdate - October 14, 1995
Tony receives a plea for help from his long-deceased father. After rescuing him, Tony must deal with old wounds and battle a takeover of Stark Enterprises.

Episode #18 “Beauty Knows No Pain”
Original Episode Airdate - October 21, 1995
The disfigured Madame Masque becomes inhabited by the spirit of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Tony must save Julia Carpenter from a disaster in the subway tunnels of Cairo, caused by the Madame.

Episode #19 “Iron Man, On The Inside”
Original Episode Airdate - November 4, 1995
Iron Man shrinks down to molecular size to implant a lifesaving "chip" in Hawkeye's spine. Inside Hawkeye, Iron Man must battle his immune system and a molecular sized Ultimo.

Episode #20 “Distant Boundaries”
Original Episode Airdate - November 11, 1995
An unidentified falling object heads toward Malibu, and Iron Man must intercept it. But, Tony Stark knows his energy will drop to deadly levels if he activates his iron body armor.

Episode #21 “Armor Wars, Part One”
Original Episode Airdate - November 18, 1995
Iron Man is accused in a coup attempt in Russia involving Crimson Dynamo and discovers that Stark technology somehow found its way into Dynamo's armor.

Episode #22 “Armor Wars, Part Two”
Original Episode Airdate - November 25, 1995
Iron Man suffers attacks from every direction because everyone believes that he turned evil. Tony retreats to his lab for weeks and emerges with new armor, as the world finally realizes that it needs Iron Man.

Episode #23 “Empowered”
Original Episode Airdate - February 3, 1996
When Modok locates one of Mandarin's rings, the Mandarin comes to claim it. Iron Man must travel to Modok's cave to battle the Mandarin.

Episode #24 “HulkBuster”
Original Episode Airdate - February 10, 1996
The Leader plans to go back in time and murder a young Dr. Bruce Banner in order to gain the Hulk's mighty powers. Iron Man and the real Hulk battle The Leader through several time periods.

Episode #25 “Hands of the Mandarin, Part One”
Original Episode Airdate - February 17, 1996
Iron Man must recruit his old team to fight Mandarin, who captures New York City in an attempt to control the world. Mandarin also builds up his old crew, and the two forces battle.

Episode #26 “Hands of the Mandarin, Part Two”
Original Episode Airdate - February 24, 1996
Iron Man shows up at Mandarin's citadel and wonders why Mandarin did not take over the world. But, Mandarin has intentions to use energy from other super heroes to power his plans. Iron Man and Hawkeye join forces to defeat Mandarin and his Heart Of Darkness.