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Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer!
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #2 - Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer!
Original Airdate 1st October 1994

Iron Man and Forceworks must defeat the newly awakened Ultimo!

Story By: Ron Friedman Screenplay By: Ted Pederson and Francis Moss
Music By: Keith Ammerson
Animation By: Rainbow Animation Group
Guest Starring: Robert Hayes as Iron Man, James Avery as War Machine/Jim Rhodes, Casey Defranco as Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman, John Reilly as Hawkeye/Clint Barton, James Warwick as Century, Katherine Moffat as Scarlet Witch, Ed Gilbert as The Mandarin, Jim Cummings as Modok, Neil Dickson as Dreadknight, Dorian Harewood as Whirlwind, Chuck McCann as Blizzard, Dorian Harewood as Backlash and Linda Holdahl as Hypnotia

Review: Now, this is one episode that has deluded me. Iíve watched most of these show since they first premiered here in the UK, and have most of the original airings on tape. I remember I forgot to record this episode, and have only seen it once since it aired all those years ago, and I had to track it down in order to review it for this site.

So, itís a bright Saturday afternoon, and I sit down, ready to review and screen grab this one episode that has been causing a delay on this very site. So, before I watch the damn thing, itís angered me, as every other episode/page was completed weeks ago.

Now, I think this first season completely sucked. Itís not as bad as the terrible Fantastic Four season it ran along with, but itís damn close. But never, ever, in the course of all the sites Iíve done, have I ever actually fallen asleep watching an episode. Whilst sat up. I kid you not. I was that bored. I woke up again and had to go back to grab it.

Thereís not really a whole lot to say about this episode. He shouts ďRejoice! I Am Ultimo, They Deliverer!Ē at least 3425 times (one of which woke me up! How inconsiderate!) And nearly kills Julia. We see Wanda actually proof to be something similar to useful. But overall? Another crap episode. 2 episodes in, and it wasn't looking pretty...