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The Origin Of Iron Man, Part Two
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #11 - The Origin Of Iron Man, Part Two
Original Airdate 10th December 1994

With his armour badly damaged, Iron Man must wait several hours for it to recharge whilst Fin Fang Foom hunts him down! Activating his memory module, he reminisces over how he became Iron Man!

Screenplay By: Ron Friedman
Music By: Keith Ammerson
Animation By: Rainbow Animation Group
Guest Starring: Robert Hayes as Iron Man, James Avery as War Machine/Jim Rhodes, Casey Defranco as Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman, John Reilly as Hawkeye/Clint Barton, James Warwick as Century, Katherine Moffat as Scarlet Witch, Ed Gilbert as The Mandarin, Jim Cummings as Modok, Neil Dickson as Dreadknight, Dorian Harewood as Whirlwind, Chuck McCann as Blizzard, Dorian Harewood as Backlash, Linda Holdahl as Hypnotia, Neil Ross as Fin Fang Foom and Tony Steedman as Justin Hammer

Review: This episode fairs better than part one, but once again, as with nearly all of this season’s episodes, the episode is inexcusably poor. It’s bad in all the other episodes, but it’s worse here, because the story was going somewhere before it became another tedious Forceworks vs. Mandarin’s goons fight.

As with part one, the best aspects of the episode are Tony’s flashbacks to his pre-Iron Man days. I was surprised to see Yin Seng, I thought it was pretty cool how they used him to tie Iron Man and The Mandarin’s origins together. His death was lame, as was his introduction in the coffin. It should also be noted, his Grandson never got to see his classical opera performance. Tragic.

The rest of it is pretty much fluff and features one of the stupidest moments in this (or any other shows) history. As Mandarins lackeys search for Iron Man, the Grey Gargoyle attacks a Monastery, and the Monks come in with flying dropkicks. Monks. Y’know, those little people in robes who absolutely abhor violence in any way, shape or form. Fighting monks. Only on Iron Man…

There’s a particularly jarring scene. When Fin Fang Foom demands MODOK’s mechanical dragons, he, MODOK and The Mandarin are talking outside. Moments later, they are inside. Like, instantly. It’s off putting, even for this show. The same thing later happened when Tony was armouring up for the first time. He was in his prison, then suddenly it morphed into his lab. Thankfully, there was no God-awful CG used this time though. It has to be said, that bottle of scotch certainly proved popular in the editing room.

The ending is pitiful. It also includes the infamous ‘floating arrow’ from Hawkeye. Ironically enough, this is his most memorable appearance in season one. A shockingly bad ending, especially since the rest of the episode was such a cut above the usual standard.