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Not Far From The Tree
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #17 - Not Far From The Tree
Original Airdate 14 October 1995

Iron Man finds his Father, Walter Stark held prisoner in A.I.M headquarters. Did SHIELD cover up his supposed death?

Screenplay By: Francais Moss
Directed By: Bob Arkwright
Music By: Keith Emmerson
Guest Starring: Robert Hayes as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Dorian Harewood as War Machine/James Rhodes, Tom Kane as HOMER, Philip Abbott as of Nick Fury

Review: This episode was certainly something different from this show. It had a great mystery running throughout the entire episode, and lots of different twists throughout. I remember watching the episode for the first time and being genuinely shocked when Tony’s father appeared on the screen.

It’s not without it’s problems, however. Once again, AIM is the main villain of the episode, and the viewer is still relatively clueless as to what AIM is, besides a big bunch of villains. One of the other noticeable aspects of the episode is that it actually created a continuity error from the first season, which, as far as I recall is the only time this show did. In season one, Walter Stark was killed from the injuries he suffered by the hands of Justin Hammer, while here, it was AIM who apparently killed him.

The episode also introduced Crimson Dynamo, one of the cooler Iron Man villains. Whilst the fight they had was relatively short, it wasn’t a bad thing. After all, Dynamo’s next appearance featured one of the best fight scenes the show ever did.

For what was perhaps the show’s darkest episode, it wasn’t short on fun stuff. Mainly Nick Fury whooping A.I.M ass and his chemistry with Rhodie, still refusing to wear his War Machine Armour. Iron Man’s chase through SHIELD fighting his own security system was amusing, as was his confrontation with the SHIELD agent who shot at him.

Overall, it was a good episode, with a great mystery. It would’ve been nice to see a follow up to it, but unfortunately, we never got a 3rd season. This cliffhanger was dying for a conclusion…