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The Defection Of Hawkeye
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #8 - The Defection Of Hawkeye
Original Airdate 12th November 1994

Forceworks begin to lose thier trust after Hawkeye fails to arrive in order to help The Mandarin steal Stark's device. Has Hawkeye turned rouge?

Screenplay By: Ron Friedman
Music By: Keith Ammerson
Animation By: Rainbow Animation Group
Guest Starring: Robert Hayes as Iron Man, Dorian Harewood asWar Machine/Jim Rhodes/Backlash, Casey Defranco as Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman, John Reilly as Hawkeye/Clint Barton, James Warwick as Century, Katherine Moffat as Scarlet Witch, Ed Gilbert as The Mandarin, Jim Cummings as Modok, Neil Dickson as Dreadknight, Dorian Harewood as Whirlwind, and Chuck McCann as Blizzard,

Review: Sigh, another episode, another one of Mandarinís attempts to steal another one of the weapons Tony Stark has engineered. The main plot, however is that Hawkeye is conspicuous by his absence.

This was the typical standard Iron Man episode, which says it all really. Once again we have Forceworks fighting The Mandarins goons, Forceworks whoops them easy, we get some cheesy one-liners.

There was one inexplicably bizarre scene, in which everyone is shouting at Clint, calling him a traitor, going over tapes in which heís acting like a jerk or whatever, and then itís an instant 180 turn around, and it becomes the official Hawkeye Appreciation Episode or something. It was genuinely confusing to watch!

We get the scene were Tony watches his stuff on his TV the size we mere mortals dare not dream of, and explains the situation to the rest of them, who are clueless as always. Forceworks all shouldíve been born blonde, I tell you. Typically, everyone but Iron Man believed Hawkeye had turned, turns out he was helping out his old Granddad. Itís not explained why he didnít feel the need to tell his friends. Exactly why would someone be embarrassed to admitting you were visiting a sick relative?

I make a point to skip this episode whenever I watch Iron Man, simply because there is nothing of interest here, itís all so standard and can be seen in the other episodes. At this point in the series, even as an 8 year old, I noticed, none of the characters, possibly besides Iron Man, had the slightest bit of depth to them. It got old really fast, just like this episode.