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Beauty Knows No Pain
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #18 - Beauty Knows No Pain
Original Airdate October 21, 1995

Madame Mask kidnaps several Stark Industury employees in order to lure her former boyfriend Tony Stark into getting Iron Man to steal her ancient jewel which will grant her immense power.

Screenplay By: Brooks Wachtel
Directed By: Bob Arkwright
Music By: Keith Emmerson
Guest Starring: Robert Hayes as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Dorian Harewood as War Machine/James Rhodes, Tom Kane as HOMER, Jennifer Hale as Spider-Woman, and Liza Zane as Madame Mask.

Review: This episode is one of the poorer of the second season. Itís not a bad episode per se; itís just not all that good when compared to the other episodes. The villain of the piece also suffers from a lack of development. We know she and Tony used to love each otherÖ and thatís about it. A flashback wouldíve been greatly appreciated here, but it wasnít to be. I have a feeling that Madame Mask is one of his big villains in the comic, but here, she came across as slightly two-dimensional.

Her design didnít help her cause, as her mask offered her no facial movement, and the viewer had to rely solely on the characters voice. The actress in question did a solid job with her role, no doubt but still, expressions wouldíve helped. It clearly couldnít be avoided in this case, as her lack of beauty was what defined the character. It seems she was something of a hottie once, only unfortunately, it was never explained how she became so ugly. Speaking of her ugliness, credit to the storyboarding team, they animated tears over the painted face was very cool. Very reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series.

I liked seeing War Machine back in the armour. His motivation was a good one, and it was nice seeing Julia finally using that Spider Strength of hers. She was actually tolerable here, unlike most of her Spider-Woman appearances. Iím also glad to see this wasnít the end of Jimís struggles with his armour. It was too good a story to end here.

I wasnít especially fond of her becoming an Egyptian Goddess and she was obviously confused of her feelings towards Tony as she kept switching between loving and hating him. It was odd to say the least.

As said in the first paragraph, a below average episode which couldíve been made a lot better with a little more explanation.