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The Armour Wars, Part Two
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #22 - The Armour Wars, Part Two
Original Airdate 25th November 1995

Iron Man's wrath continues, as Justin Hammer prepares to finally put the final nail in Stark Enterprises Coffin.

Screenplay By: Len Uhley
Directed By: Dan Thompson
Music By: Keith Emmerson
Animation By: Koko Enterprises
Guest Starring: Philip Abbott as Nick Fury, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Justin Hammer/Firepower, Tom Kane as HOMER.

Review: Whoop ass. Thatís the only way to describe The Armour Wars. The story continues from part one, and Iron Man is still super pissed that people are using his armours designs and has now quite clearly lost it. This gave us some great moments, such as Iron Man vs. War Machine and Stark finally beating Justin Hammer. It also hinted at Nick Fury knowing his identity at a time when only an idiot wouldnít know who it was, in his position anyway.

The episode starts off with a brilliant fight against Stingray and follows on with the aforementioned War Machine fight. The opening of this fight perfectly displays that Iron Man is now out of his mind, and determined to stop anyone from using his designs, even his friends, in case someone gets a hold of them and kills anyone else.

Aside from the obvious thieves whoíve used his designs, the main villain of the episode is Justin Hammer. When the first season ended, I honestly felt like Iíd seen all of Hammer that I wanted to. In season one, his voice was cringe worthy, this dialogue was the pits and he was essentially an extremely annoying, useless character. In season two, they finally got him right and made the perfect villain for Stark whilst we waited for The Mandarin to return. Thankfully, he was given the full revamp, and now had an absolutely outstanding voice in Efrem Zimbalist Jr, better known as Alfred from Batman: The Animated Series and Dr. Octopus over in Spider-Man. Hammer was the perfect, ruthless opponent hiding behind a legitimate businessman guide.

The fight with Firepower was also pretty cool, especially the revelation that the negator packs no longer damaged it. It was a very effective way of snapping Tony out of his little spell, and allowed him to fake his death (again!). Plus, since this series really showed a lot of different Iron Man armours, it was cool to see the Hulkbuster suit.

As said above, the ending was a definite highlight. It was great seeing the hammer finally go down on Hammer. To say it again, The Armour Wars completely whoops ass. Itís difficult to say which part is better, but this story is easily one of the finest Marvel has ever animated. Itís a shame too few people appreciated it when it first aired. For such an good show, not too many folks seem to be aware of itís existence. A great shame.