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First Appearance: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead
Voice: Jim Cummings
A being of amazing intelligence, MODOK was turned into an ugly, floating orange head after volunteering to become a guinea pig for The Red Ghost’s. After they both fell for the same woman, The Red Ghost increased the test dosages, and MODOK’s body began to shrink whilst his head grew. Depending on a life support system to keep him alive, MODOK began working for The Mandarin, as he believed The Mandarin knew how to cure him.

Later believing The Mandarin was dead, MODOK began searching for his rings in order to gain his power. After they later collided over the possession of his rings, MODOK again became working for The Mandarin, only to later betray him, for creating the anti-technology filed that rendered his life support systems utterly useless. He sided with Iron Man, and Iron Man left him free to go as a reward for betraying his boss.