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Justin Hammer

First Appearance: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead
Voice: Tony Seedman (First Season) / Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Second Season)
Business rival to Tony Stark, it was Hammer who planned the attack which killed Tonyís father, jealous of his achievements. After Hammer began working for The Mandarin, it became his mission to capture Iron Man in order to learn the secrets of his armour.

After attempting to kill Tony Stark several times, Iron Man attacked him on his property, and Hammer fired a missile directly into his chest, injuring his heart.

He later teamed up with The Ghost and found the secrets to Iron Manís armour, and began selling them to terrorists. After tarnishing Iron Manís reputation, he designed Firepower, a robot created for the sole purpose of killing Iron Man. After Iron Man defeated the robot, he created a virus which completely wiped out any records of his designs and uploaded it to the internet and Hammerís computers. The same virus completely deleted all of Hammerís files, and left him bankrupt.