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Mandarin's Henchmen

First Appearance: Iron Man To The Second Power, Part One (Living Laser)
First Appearance: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead (Rest)
Chuck McCann as Blizzard
Neil Dickson as Dreadknight
Dorian Harewood/James Avery as Whirlwind
Dorian Harewood as Blacklash/ Grey Gargoyle
Linda Holdahl as Hypnotia
Robert Hays as Living Laser

This group was incredibly committed to serving The Mandarinís dead, and would often fight against Forceworks in his honour. Blacklash and Dreadknight would often fight amongst each other over the affections of Hypnotia.

The Blizzard posses the ability to control and create ice, Hypnotia hynoptises her enemies and controls their thoughts, Whirlwind has the ability to create great winds and hurricanes and Blacklash and Dreadknight posses great fighting skills. The team never did manage to defeat Forceworks, and were finally locked up after Forceworks defeated The Mandarin.