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Crynsom Dynamo

First Appearance: Not Far From The Tree
Voice: Stu Rosen
When his ship crashed on Earth 10 centuries ago, Fin Fang Foom and 4 other dragons were all that survived. Whilst his fellow dragons converted themselves to humans using 10 magical rings, he remained a dragon, and searched for a way to return to his home planet. After working with The Mandarin several times in an attempt to destroy Iron Man, Foom found himself at Mandarinís mercy, for he possessed the rings which he needed to turn his fellow dragons back into their human form, and return back to their planet.

After they fooled The Mandarin into helping them, he and Iron Man were forced to team up to prevent the Earth being sucked into the portal. The left The Mandarinís rings separate for him and scattered across the globe and killed all the dragons.