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War Machine

First Appearance: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead
Real Name : Jim Rhodes
Voice: James Avery/Jim Cummings/ Dorian Haywood
Jim Rhodes acts as Head of Security for Stark Enterprises, as well being second in command of Forceworks. As Tony’s best and sometimes only friend, Rhodie is often the bringer of bad news to Tony. None worse than the time he declared he was no longer going to be War Machine, due to a near death experience whilst wearing the armour. Struggling to cope with putting his armour on, Jim often found himself assisting Iron Man without it, before Julia needed his help in rescuing Tony from Madame Mask.

He was there when Tony needed him, both as Rhodie and War Machine. When Forceworks disbanded, Jim decided to stay with Tony, rather than relocate. He later donned the armour once again to help Iron Man finally defeat The Mandarin.