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Iron Man

Bio: Tony Stark was defiantly not his fatherís son. Whilst Walter Stark showed a great passion for Stark Enterprises, Tony only cared about his own enjoyment. When Justin Hammer sabotaged SE that resulted in an accident which killed his father, Tony began becoming the son his father wanted, and made Stark industries more successful than ever.

The Mandarin later kidnapped Tony Stark. The Mandarin demanded he build him an invincible suit of armour so he can conquer the world. Tony suffered serious injuries to his spine whilst The Mandarin held him hostage. Once Stark, along with Yin Seng, had finished inventing the armour, he used it to escape from The Mandarin he then used it to fight evil and used his engineering skills to put his fathers memory to rest.

Using his new armour to fight crime, Iron Man began leading his own superhero team, in Forceworks. They would often team to fight the Mandarin and his team of villains, featuring the likes of Whirlwind, Blizzard and The Living Laser.

His attempt to marry Julia, ended disastrously after he left her at the alter, not sure of his true feelings for her. Business rival Justin Hammer, who was responsible for the accident that killed Walter Stark, soon became hounding him again, and attempting to take his life. After attacking Hammer on his own property, Iron Man injured his chest after taking a direct hit from a missile. He upgraded his armour in order to attempt to heal his chest. In an attempt to end Justinís threat on his life, Tony faked his own death, to trick Hammer. It worked, but at a dear price. Forceworks, no longer feeling they could trust Tony left him, and worked on their own.

Obsessed with being the lone wolf, Iron Man worked alone, only occasionally helped by Jim Rhodes, War Machine. He continued to run Stark Enterprises and lead a dual life as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark and as Iron Man. Shellhead later reformed Forceworks after a resurrected Mandarin tried to conquer Asia with his anti-technology field. He then admitted his true feelings for Julia.

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