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The Incredible Hulk

First Appearance: Hulkbuster
Real Name: Dr. Robert "Bruce" Banner Voice: Ron Pearlman
After his body was bombarded with gamma rays from his gamma reactor after saving the life of a young man who unwittingly entered its testing range. The rays triggered a startling metamorphosis in his bodyís adrenalin system. Whenever Bruce became angered or stressed he became a slow-witted creature of untold strength, which Banner couldnít control.

When Bannerís arch nemesis, The Leader, attempted to steal The Mandarinís rings in an attempt to travel back in time to gain the Hulkís strength for himself, Iron Man and Hulk intervened and battled in several different periods of historical importance, whilst Iron Man searched for Julia, who was trapped in the past.

After completely destroying Iron Manís armour, Hulk realised that The Leader was his true enemy, not Iron Man.