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First Appearance: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead
Real Name : Clint Bartib
Voice: John Reilly
An expert marksman with a short temper, Clint Barton was the joker of the group, often to the chagrin of the other members.

When Forceworks relocated Hawkeye was the first to leave, full of hatred of Tony and his constant Ďlone wolfí attitude. After being crushed by a tower, Iron Man saved his life by implementing a chip in the base of his spine. Asking for Clintís forgiveness for making Forceworks spilt up, Hawkeye refused and the two went their separate ways.

With The Mandarinís return and his anti-technology fog rendering Iron Manís armour useless, Forceworks reunited in order to stop the ringed villain. Donning new, anti-technology armour, Iron Man let Hawkeye take charge and the two of them defeated the Mandarin one last time, reconciled their differences and reformed Forceworks.