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Nick Fury

First Appearance: The Beast Within
Voice: Phil Abbot
Nick Fury is the head of SHIELD, a top-secret peace keeping group designed to "keep the world in one piece". Fury often called upon both Tony Stark and Iron Man to help him out when he couldnít, either by using their resources and vast amounts of technologies, or when SHIELD was unable to perform taskís themselves, such as investigating foreign affairs.

Although Fury and Iron Man respected each other a great deal, they didnít always get along, and teamed up just as often as they fought each other. One such instance was when Walter Stark returned, long presumed dead. They were played against each other by AIM, and later teamed up to fight the organisation they both despised. They were both also aware of Justin Hammerís criminal activities but despite numerous attempts, neither of them was able to prove it.

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