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General 'Thunderbolt' Ross

First Appearance: Return Of The Beast, Part One
Voices: John Vernon
General Ross runs gamma base, and is also the father of Bruce’s girlfriend, Betty Ross. Ross holds a grudge against the Hulk for ruining his base as well as costing him a star.

Feeling that The Hulk is a threat to the security of the country, it became Ross’ mission in life to finally defeat and capture the brute. This left him at odds with Betty, who felt he should try and help Bruce rather than hunt him. Whilst he planned how to kill The Hulk, she only hoped to save her beloved Bruce.

The constant war between the two of them eventually lead to Ross simply snapping from the pressure of it all. Attempting to kill the cured Banner whilst he was marrying his daughter, he was talked out of it before finally going after Hulk one on one. Banner himself, of all people, stopped him.

He interfered with the nutrient bath experiment, which caused Rick Jones to become a Hulk. With Rick now acting as the Green Hulk, Banner turned into a grey Hulk, and battled Ross, leaving him in a coma.

He eventually woke up after being possessed by the Hybrid. When he was free of the creature, he decided that he and Banner should bury their differences, and work with each other towards a better life for both of them.