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The Mighty Thor

Real Name: Donald Blake
First Appearance: Mortal Bounds
Voices: John Rhys-Davies as Thor, Mark L. Taylor as Dr. Donald Blake
The God Of Thunderís alter ego, Dr. Donald Blakeís city was overrun with a gamma-induced virus. After bringing in Betty Ross to help contain the disease, she told him that Bruce Banner was needed, and to find the missing Banner, he should locate The Hulk.

Prompting into action as The Mighty Thor he found The Hulk and battled him, hoping to lure him back to Detriot. A tunnel accident caused him to lose a hold of his enchanted hammer, forcing him to turn back into Donald Blade.

He later learned that Banner and The Hulk were one and the same, and interrupted a throwdown between Hulk and Abomination to take Hulk to Betty, hoping to get a sample of Bannerís blood to cure the victims. After both Hulk and Thor reverted to their human forms, they stopped the virus before anyone was killed.

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