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Iron Man

Real Name: Tony Stark
First Appearance: Helping Hand, Iron Fist
Voices: Robert Hays
Tony Stark originally supplied Bruce Banner with the materials and funds to make his gamma reactor. After itís disastrous results, Banner fled to Hollywood in hopes that Tony could help cure him. After suffering from amnesia from a fall, Iron Man fought The Hulk and eventually defeated the brute.

Updating Bruceís cure design, Tony set up an experiment to cure Bruce, but General Ross pulled the plug before it could be completed. Ross and his Hulk busters attacked Stark Enterprises, and Iron Man and War Machine retaliated. After a battle with The Hulk in his Hulkbuster armour, the amnesic Hulk recovered his memories and flee from the military.

Iron Man then confronted Ross, asking who they should the bill of damages to, the Pentagon or SHIELD. One to Iron Man!

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