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Doc Samson

First Appearance: Raw Power
Voices: Shadoe Stevens
A scientist with gamma radiated blood, unlike Banner, Banner has no transformation process, his gamma induced super strength is permanent, as his gamma mutated green ponytail.

Samson worked with Betty in hoping to cure Bruce, and often found himself physically opposed the jade giant in battle. Whilst Samson doesnít come close to matching The Hulkís brute strength, his intelligence made up for it in their numerous confrontations.

Samson designed the nutrient bath, a device he believed would permanently Banner from The Hulk. When Major Talbot interrupted the experiment, it was thought both Banner and Hulk would die. Samson revived Banner, but The Hulk remained in a comatose state. With SHIELD confiscating the Hulk without General Rossí and Samsonís approval, Samson attacked the carrier which held the Hulk, accidentally reviving a mindless, savage Hulk. After his defeat at the hands of The Hulk, Samson was arrested.

He was released after Bruce and Hulk returned to Gamma Base, as Betty needed him to make Dr. Banner and Hulk one and the same again. This eventually resulted in tradegy, as Banner became a new, grey Hulk and Rick Jones was turned into a Hulk.

It is presumed he continued to seek a cure for Banner.