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Episode #1 - A Monster Among Us
Original Airdate - September 9, 1978

A giant alien monster's spaceship crash-lands on Earth and it heads for New York, causing destruction in its wake. The Fantastic Four must find a way of containing the alien before a second spaceship arrives.

Episode #2 - The Menace of Magneto
Original Airdate - October 14, 1978

Magneto challenges Reed for the right to lead the Fantastic Four and wins, making them commit crimes disguised as good deeds. Reed reveals that he faked his defeat by Magneto, and together the team attempt to stop the super-villain's plans.

Episode #3 - The Phantom of Film City
Original Airdate - September 16, 1978

After accidentally destroying some film props, the Fantastic Four are invited to make an epic film adventure. The movie set is plagued by accidents caused by the mysterious Phantom of Film City, and some all-too-real Skrull actors.

Episode #4 - Medusa and the Inhumans
Original Airdate - October 7, 1978

Investigating reports of mysterious beings in the Alps, the Fantastic Four are attacked and captured by the Inhumans, who plan to keep their Great Refuge a secret until they are ready to take over the Earth.

Episode #5 - The Diamond of Doom
Original Airdate - November 4, 1978

Queen Sebel of Manopal asks the Fantastic Four to retrieve the Great White Stone that was stolen from her. Only after they get it back do the team realize that Sebel is a tyrant who used the diamond's power to enslave her people...

Episode #6 - The Mole Man
Original Airdate - September 23, 1978

Power plants throughout the world sink into the ground, and the Fantastic Four discover that the Mole Man was responsible. He wants to take over the world with his subterranean armies, but only if he can beat the Fantastic Four first.

Episode #7 - The Olympics of Space
Original Airdate - September 30, 1978

Ben is abducted by an alien spaceship and forced to compete on the Moon in a contest between two warring factions, each of whom has chosen an off-world champion. Monstro is Ben's opponent, and they compete in a series of events.

Episode #8 - The Fantastic Four Meet Doctor Doom
Original Airdate - October 21, 1978

Doctor Doom introduces himself to the Fantastic Four and takes them back to Latveria, where he forces them to go back in time and steal the legendary pirate Blackbeard's treasure to aid him in the future.

Episode #9 - The Frightful Four
Original Airdate - November 11, 1978

Wizard, Medusa, Sandman and Trapster have come together as the Frightful Four, and decide to use their unique powers together against the Fantastic Four.

Episode #10 - Calamity on the Campus
Original Airdate - November 18, 1978

While Reed is awaiting an honorary degree from a university, the campus turns out to be the home of the powerful android Dragon Man. While built for good, Dragon Man's control is stolen and turned against the Fantastic Four.

Episode #11 - The Impossible Man
Original Airdate - October 28, 1978

A green alien who can do just about anything lands on Earth, and makes friends with a criminal who dubs him the Impossible Man. The Fantastic Four have to find out how to reason with Impossible Man, and get him off the Earth.

Episode #12 - The Final Victory of Doctor Doom
Original Airdate - December 9, 1978

Doctor Doom announces that this time he will finally defeat the Fantastic Four, and tries to blackmail the U.S. into making him their leader. It falls to a battle of wits between Reed and Doom to determine the fate of the world.

Episode #13 - Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst
Original Airdate - December 16, 1978

Reed discovers a new dimension called the Negative Zone, from which the evil Blastaar emerges. He quickly goes on a rampage with his powerful bomb-bursts, and together the Fantastic Four have to neutralize his powers.