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The Menace of Magneto
Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #2 - The Menace of Magneto
Original Airdate - October 14, 1978

Magneto travels to New York, seeking out the Fantastic Four. He uses his magnetic powers to break into the Baxter Building and challenges Reed for leadership of the team. Magneto battles Reed, and manages to defeat him, becoming the new leader of the Fantastic Four in the process. For the new team's first mission, Magneto claims that he has learnt that the City National Bank is about to be robbed, and after Reed insists that they follow Magneto's orders, the Four go to the bank and confound the robbers' plans by removing the money themselves for safekeeping. Magneto takes the money away himself to a secret location so the robbers will not be able to find it. After the rest of the team return to their base, Reed discovers proof that Magneto intends to keep all of the money for himself. He reveals that he only pretended to be defeated by Magneto in order to discover what he was up to. Now fully aware of Magneto's treachery, Reed once again commands the team into a battle with Magneto in order to defeat him and return the money.

Story by: Stan Lee
Teleplay by: Stan Lee

Review: This episode is just so illogical on so many levels that it's just funny!

First of all we have Magneto, who simply serves as just another villain, with no hint of his real characterization or motivation. He's only used as the villain since he has some interesting powers, but ultimately any other villain could have sufficed and it would have made about as much sense.

Basically, the whole plot of the episode hinges on Reed simply allowing Magneto to beat him and assume leadership of the Fantastic Four (which should really have been Five at that point, but even this dialogue opportunity is missed!). If Reed had beaten Magneto and thus not leaving him in charge of the FF, then he'd never have had the opportunity to rob a bank in the first place!

A nice showcase for Magneto's powers, but there's very little else of merit.